Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yet Another Survey

Sorry, folks. It happens when you're bored.


Can you blow a bubble?: yes

Can you dance?: I sure try.

Can you do a cart wheel?: no

Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?: no

Can you touch your toes?: no. My hamstrings are really tight. I've never been about to do it. Isn't that sad? I used to stretch them all the time in the hopes that that would help, but it never did. I've sort of given up.

Can you whistle?: not as well as my grandfather could

Can you wiggle your ears?: no

Can you wiggle your nose? yes


Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?: no

Did you ever run away from home?: no.

Did you ever want to be a doctor?: no, I hate blood.

Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?: no


Do you believe in God?: yes

Do you know how to swim?: yes

Do you like roller coasters?: no

Do you own a bike?: yes. I need to change the tube in one of the tires so that I can actually ride it again. It's been flat for a couple of weeks :( That happens when you ride in the foothills, unfortunately. On the up side, I took a bicycle maintenance class in September where I learned how to do things like change the tube in a tire. Isn't that incredibly cool? It makes me feel somewhat butch, but more independent than anything.

Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows? no


Does hair loss run in your family at all?: yes, with the men on my dad's side.

Does your vehicle get good gas mileage?: yes, paricularly on the freeway.

Does your family have family picnics?: more like get togethers than picnics, although occasionally we get together and eat outside, so I guess the answer would be yes.


Have you ever been on a plane? yes

Have you ever asked someone out?: yes

Have you ever been asked out by someone? yes

Have you ever been to the ocean?: yes

Have you ever gone fishing?: I used to with my grandfather. I haven't been in years.

Have you ever painted your nails?: yes. Not since I came out, though. I'm not sure that there is any connection there, but anyway.


How did you find out about myspace?: Lauren mentioned it once. I'd never heard of it until last January or so.

How many people are on your friend's list?: 85, I think.

How many of them have you met in person?: 3/4 at least. I went to high school or college with most of them. Several of them are from the campus glbt group. A couple of them are my sister's college friends who wanted advice on coming out. A couple of them I met on other websites and just hit it off with, like Lori and Tishie. Others added me, and I have never spoken to them nor they to me.

How many times has your profile been visited?: 14 hundred and something?

How tall are you?: 5'3''

How much money do you have on you right now?: I might have a ten?


Last person you hung out with?: about to go hang out with Rennick. Other than that, Bella, of course :)

Last thing you said out loud?: I see you've brought me your pig. And such a nice pig it is. (I was talking to my cat who carries around a little pink pig and plays fetch with it).

Last thing someone said to you?: I'm going to go eat now. (that was my sister who is currently driving home from college. she was meeting my mother on the way home to eat lunch. my mother is on her way home from my grandmother's. my grandmother just had her pacemaker put in on Monday.)


What are you listening to?: my stomach growl at the moment.

What is the weather outside?: beautiful and cold

What radio station do you listen to?: the one that sponsors Pride. also there is a classic rock station that I like.

What was the last restaurant you ate at?: about to go to my favorite Italian place :)

What was the last thing you bought?: internet and phone cords. Sigh.

What was the last thing you had to drink?: Tazo Joy tea. I had a cup for you, too, Bella. I miss you.

What was the last t.v. show you watched?: Frazier last night, I think.

What's up with your myspace picture? um, it's me.


Who is your newest friend you added to myspace?: I have no idea.

Who was the last person you IM'd?: probably my sister. I only ever IM her and Lori, and I haven't talked to Lori on IM in about a month. We tend to talk on the phone because neither of us type as fast as we talk.

talked to on the phone?: my sister

Who is your current crush?: the fabulous Bella, of course.

Who was the last person you took pictures with?: I have no idea.

Who is in your default picture?: me

Who was the last person to leave you a comment?: Lori. I had to look that one up. It's been a long week.

Who was the last person you said i love you to?: my sister

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