Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm Tired of Grading

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
cinnamon hot chocolate. or hot tea.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
he wraps them. Mrs. Claus wraps hers, too.

3. How do you decorate your tree/house colored or white?
both. colored on the tree. white in my village. colored around my nativity. is that obnoxious?

4. Do you hang mistletoe?

5. When do you put your decorations up?
depends on the year. I've put them up as early as October. This year, I have them all over my living room floor. I haven't gotten any further than that yet unfortunately. I'm having all my students over at the end of next week, though, so it will be all pretty by then.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
sausage, egg, and cheese casserole and grapefruit

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child?
going to my mom's mom's every year the day after Christmas

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
in second grade, I think. Mrs. Claus, however, is most definitely real.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
we get pjs from Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve. Does anyone else have a Mrs. Claus tradition?

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
lots of lights, shiny garland, decorations that each have a story behind them, and a garland that my sister made. The whole thing is probably pretty nauseating, but I love it.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it?
love to sled ride. hate to be cold.

12. Can you ice skate?
yep. not well, mind you.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
my orange sled stands out in my mind

14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you?
spending time with family. seeing my grandmother.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
Christmas cookies. my dad and I make them every year. My sister used to, but now she and her friend make about 40 different kinds a couple of weeks before Christmas, and she's never all that interested in helping me and my dad by that point.

16. What is your family Christmas tradition?
We do a nice candlelit dinner on Christmas Eve, then go to the late service at church, then get up mid morning on Christmas and open gifts and eat the best breakfast on earth. Then my dad and I bake cookies. We never seem to get to them before Christmas.

17. What tops your tree?
a star

18. Do you prefer giving or receiving?
giving, definitely

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song?
O Holy Night

20. Candy Canes?
I like the mint ones. They're very good dipped in chocolate, as well...

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