Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming to a City Near You?

I am restless. I have been restless, but the restlessness really hit hard about a month ago. I'm ready for something new. I am in the process of sending out applications all over the United States in hopes that something will come of it. I'm largely feeling my way in the dark, though. They really should teach you how to do this application jazz in grad school, especially since many in my field end up applying in academia.

I have picked out a cat that I very much want. I've even named him. He's solid black like Ms. Emily. If I get him, I'll call him Mr. Rochester (staying with the Bronte theme). He's very sweet. The first time I held him, he reached his little neck up and bit the brim of my cap. Then he licked my nose. I love this little guy.