Wednesday, December 10, 2008

25 Random Things

1. I am a cat snuggler at the local cat shelter. My favorite little cat is now on hold for adoption.

2. I marched with the lesbians from my church at Pride. We carried our church's banner, and it was fantastic.

3. I am dating the most beautiful, amazing woman I have ever met. I am going to marry her.

4. I am a crafting fool. I made a lot of my Christmas gifts this year.

5. My girl and I read books together aloud on the phone. We're reading The Secret Life of Bees right now.

6. I hate snow. A lot. It wrecks my travel plans.

7. I have been on my church's pastoral search committee for about a year and a half. We have found a pastor and will be voting on her as a congregation on Sunday.

8. I believe I have not yet found a full-time teaching job with benefits because I needed to see the pastoral search committee through and because I needed to meet the woman of my dreams first. I believe I will find something now.

9. I am a bicycle commuter.

10. My cats had catnip for the first time ever today.

11. I am only now reading Dykes to Watch Out For. Somehow I missed this lesbian phenomenon.

12. When my girl and I move in together next June or July, we will have four cats.

13. I have been lighting candles every night because they make my house smell good.

14. I have crossed the line from slob to neat in the last month. I'm hoping it stays that way.

15. The Christmas gift I am most excited about giving a member of my family was free.

16. I loathe one of my students this semester. I have never loathed any of them before, but this guy takes the cake.

17. I hired a cleaning service to clean my house once a month. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made.

18. I have two nieces that technically are not my nieces except that I call them that. They are cute as can be.

19. I have a refrigerator full of grapefruit.

20. I really miss two friends that I saw quite a lot of around here for a while. Neither lives here anymore.

21. I have an impressive tea shelf. I am betting I have more than 20 different kinds of tea currently in this apartment. Would you like a cup?

22. I cut the hell out of my hand this morning accidentally, when I was wrapping presents. I am now wearing six band-aids, and it hurts.

23. I have discovered that I really enjoy the new tread mills at the gym because they have tvs attached to them. I have also found that I walk for an hour instead of a half-hour because I want to watch all of SVU while I walk.

24. The first gift my girlfriend gave me was a pair of socks that she had knitted for me. This was before we were even dating, but I think I loved her from at least then. I may have loved her even earlier than that.

25. The Virgin of Guadalupe fascinates me. I'd really like to wear her picture as a necklace someday.