Thursday, July 12, 2007

[Spell your first name backwards] ylime
[The story behind your user name] it's my cat's name
[How old are you?] 27
[Date of birth] 2/20
[Where do you live?] in an apartment
[Occupation] adjunct professor
[4 words that sum you up] still awake at school

Describe your....

[Wallet] green, leather-ish (probably fake leather), I got it free
[Key holder] "Georgia on my mind"--reminds me of Atlanta where my friends are and of Designing Women, which is the coolest show ever
[Jewelry worn daily] I haven't been wearing any lately.
[Pillow cover] blue
[Coffee cup] my newest aquisitions have pictures of Garfield drinking coffee
[Shoes] Columbia sandles
[School bag] blue with holes in it :(
[Favorite shirt] my peach columbia shirts
[Favorite pants] a pair of jeans
[Cologne/Perfume] Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom
[Piercing] one in each ear
[What you are wearing now] green pants and a button-up shirt
[Hair] brown
[Makeup] none
[in my mouth] nothing
[In My Head] I'm hungry.
[Wish] to eat lunch
[Eating Habit] great when I cook, not so good when I don't
[Some of your favorite movies] Tipping the Velvet, But I'm a Cheerleader, D.E.B.S., Dead Poets Society, Grey Matters,
[Do you believe in love at first sight] Yes
[The last thing you ate?] salad last night
[Do you believe in love] Yes
[Do you believe in soul mates] Yes
[Do you believe in forgiveness] Yes
[Three cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?] Asheville, Atlanta, Seattle
[What are some of your favorite foods?] stuffed peppers, shish kabob, cheese tortellini with pesto

Yes or No...

[you keep a diary] just a blog currently. I have been a good journaler in the past. I just don't really want to right now.
[you have a secret you have not shared with anyone] probably, but I can't think of one right off. I'm pretty open about most things.
[you fold your underwear] no
[you talk in your sleep] I don't know.


[movie you bought] Superman Returns, Ice Age the Meltdown, and Happy Feet for my dad for Father's Day
[song you listened to] I don't remember
[song that was stuck in your head] I don't remember
[song you've downloaded] I’ve never downloaded a song, but I listened to Independent Women on youtube recently...
[CD you bought] Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
[CD you listened to] Indigo Girls Indians Nomads Saints
[person you've called] my sister
[person who called you] bella
[TV show you've watched] Frasier
[Thing you said] Email it to me (to one of my students)


[Black or White?] black
[Cats or Dogs?] cats
[Tea or Coffee?] tea
[Achiever or Slacker?] depends on the day
[Leader or Follower?] neither
[Beer or Cider?] beer
[Drinks or Shots?] drinks
[Single or Taken?] single
[Matches or a Lighter?] matches
[Letters or Emails?] either
[Short hair or Long hair?] depends on the person

I want to...

[Go] home
[Kill] no one
[Hear from] a poetry contest I entered
[Meet] Mary Oliver
[Look like] Audrey Hepburn
[Avoid] awkward situations
[Hug] my cat
[Kiss] my cat

[Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?] yes
[Drank alcohol?] yes
[Done drugs?] no
[Broken the law?] no
[Ran away from home?] no
[Broken a bone?] no
[Cheated on a test?] no
[Played Truth Or Dare?] yes
[Flashed someone?] no
[Mooned Someone?] no
[Kissed someone you didn’t know?] no
[Been on a game show/talk show] no
[Been in a fight?] no
[Ridden in a fire truck?] yes
[Been on a plane?] yes
[Come close to dying?] sort of
[Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?] yes
[Swam in the ocean?] yes
[Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?] yes
[Kissed someone of the same sex] yes


[Girlfriend/Boyfriend] I would like one/no
[When and who was your 1st crush?] I remember really having a thing for my sixth grade teacher.
[What do you first notice about the opposite sex] I don't.
[Your idea of a perfect date] eating dinner and then taking a walk and looking at the stars
[Name a moment that you thought was really sweet] I was in a really awkward situation a few weeks ago that made me personally really uncomfortable. I got up and left and sat outside to wait for the people I was with, and my best friend came out and sat beside me. That meant more to me than she may ever know.
[Your first kiss] Janelle in my apartment complex parking lot
[Do you have a crush] kind of

Are you a...

[Vegetarian?] no.
[Good Student?] yes
[Good Singer?] I'm okay.
[A good Actor/Actress?] No.
[A deep sleeper?] yes
[A Good Dancer?] No.
[Shy?] Sort of.
[Outgoing?] not really

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today I found out that one of the residents of the interfaith homeless shelter died this week. The service for him is on Saturday. When he died, he was still homeless. It makes me incredibly angry when people die on the street. Where was the city when he needed help? Oh yes, they don't see the need in helping the homeless. They don't do a damn thing. Where were the Christians? Well, they have a shelter, but you know, they only take certain people, and this guy didn't qualify. Some Christians. The interfaith shelter, which for the record takes EVERYONE, will be reopening in October, and it will never be closing again. We finally have a permanent location. It's about time. In the meantime, please pray for Carl and his loved ones as they deal with his loss.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Independent Women

I heard this song again this weekend for the first time in years. I love it.