Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Bella asked me to travel with her tomorrow to the other side of the United States to look at a graduate school with her. I REALLY want to go. I waffled for a while because I just couldn't convince myself that it was perfectly acceptable to buy a last minute plane ticket. However, this evening, I decided that yes, it is indeed okay and perfectly wonderful and I should go. However, I cannot find my credit card anywhere. You see, I hid it from myself without activating it because my credit card balance is so high. I have not allowed myself to charge anything since the card expired in August. I have torn the apartment apart this evening looking for it, but I can't find it. Therefore, I will not be traveling tomorrow :( I would so like to spend that time with her, and I feel really bad having to say no. Grr and :(

At any rate, number two on my Christmas wish list has been granted. The fabulous Bella will be visiting my family and me in January right before school starts for us both. I'm so excited.

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