Thursday, January 05, 2006


via the frogblog, which I encourage everyone to read

20 years ago I was: [5]
* in kindergarten
* not talking in school
* making beautiful fingerpaint mush
* happy go lucky

15 years ago I was: [10]
* in fifth grade, one of the hardest years of my life
* feeling really enormous and geeky
* reading constantly
* playing solitaire in the basement as a way to get alone time

10 years ago I was: [15]
* a sophomore in high school
* had a big crush on a classmate and was mourning her up-coming graduation
* running constantly
* studying for exams

5 years ago I was: [20]
* a junior in college
* just switching roommates
* happily finishing up my Spanish major
* trying to find an English internship

1 year ago I was: [24]
* ring shopping
* gearing up for my uncle's heart surgery
* getting ready to study under a visiting poet
* making arrangements to come home for my birthday
* really nervous about my thesis

Yesterday I:
* played dominos
* watched Xena
* went out for iced tea with my mother
* got new glasses

5 Snacks I love:
* salt and vinegar potato chips
* cheese puffs
* chips and dip
* Doritos
* peanutbutter Oreos

5 Songs I Know all the Words to:
* All That We Let In, Indigo Girls
* Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls
* Small Town, John Mellancamp
* Imagine, John Lennon
* Devotion, Indigo Girls

5 things I would Do with A Million Dollars:
* Pay off the credit card
* Take all of my relatives on a cruise
* Buy a house in Italy
* Pay off my sister's college
* Give some money to my cousin with the new baby

5 places I would run away to:
* Venice
* Cinque Terre
* My grandmother's house
* My college town
* My mother's best friend's house

5 favorite movies:
* Fried Green Tomatoes
* Steel Magnolias
* Fingersmith
* A Walk in the Clouds
* Lord of the Rings trilogy

5 bad habits:
* isolating myself
* staying up too late
* procrastination
* worry
* general laziness

5 biggest joys:
* my cat
* my family
* my friends
* netflix
* traveling

5 Fictional Characters I would date:
* Isabel in Fools Rush In
* Kim in Better Than Chocolate
* Xena or Gabrielle
* Geraldine in the Vicar of Dibley
* Florence in Tipping the Velvet

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