Monday, January 02, 2006

Because It Keeps Coming Up

Twice today I have discussed issues of immigration with different family members. Immigration is one of the most important issues to me. I have taught students who first arrived in this country as illegal immigrants. Their families have taken hard jobs for very little money, less than the minimum wage even. The students have grown up picking crops in fields. They work hard and are constantly put down by ignorant white people. It makes me angry.

I want to highlight one issue and organization in this post. When immigrants from Mexico first cross the border into the United States, they immediately encounter a desert, where many of them die without ever being identified or given proper burial. Hundreds die each year. It makes me ill thinking about it. These people are coming here to earn money to take better care of their families. These "family values" politicians and organizations are usually against helping illegal immigrants. Imagine that.

So anyway, they cross the desert, and many of them die. It is illegal to drive them across the desert, punishable by five years in prison. That option for caring for people is out then. However, there is an organization that has found a way to help. No More Deaths is an organization run out of a Presbyterian Church that sets up tents in the desert to offer immigrants food, water, medical attention, and temporary shelter so that they can continue on their journey in good health. If I had a million dollars, I would give it to this organization. They are good people. If you have any plans to tithe to an organization this year, I recommend this one.

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