Thursday, January 12, 2006

On The Producers

Mom: Movies like that do nothing to further gay rights. Gays don't really look like that.
Me: (Jaw drop)

Wow, she really gets that. I wasn't sure that she ever would. I thought that movie was kind of obnoxious, by the way. Parts of it were funny, like when the dancers had big beer steins, pretzels, and sausages on their heads. But most of it was obnoxious.

The whole of that conversation was quite interesting by the way. She was trying to think of nice stable girls to hook me up with. She was going through most of my graduating class and asking if any of them were gay and telling me her suspicions, which I thought was rather amusing. She also told me she thought that I was born gay (um yeah) and that my best friend was also born gay (um yeah). She also wanted to know if there was anything out there portraying gays positively, like Family Stone did, that straight people see. She said there should be more stuff like that. I love my mother. She's really come a long way from when I first came out.

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