Thursday, January 26, 2006


The Passion of the Christ
Rating: *****

I admit I went into this movie expecting not to like it. I expected to be offended by it for a bunch of different reasons. I found it fascinating, though. Admittedly, it is a gory movie; just look at the title--it isn't going to be a nonviolent story. The movie is beautifully done, however. The gory scenes are interrupted continually with flashbacks that are absolutely breathtaking. The whole story is done in Greek or Aramaic, which adds to the realism of the events. The crucifiction scene, which is a lot shorter than I thought it would be (20 minutes or so), has the story of the first communion interspersed throughout it. It's very moving. So anyway, if you are interested in movies with a religious theme, I recommend this one. It is fascinatingly done.

Gosford Park
Rating: ***

I went into this movie expecting to love it. The mystery part is interesting, but the class relations throughout the movie are disturbing. It is very much an illustration of the class system in England during the 1930's. The servants are brushed off and forced to do ridiculous tasks that end up being downplayed and ignored by the finicky aristocracy. I wasn't impressed, and quite frankly, I was hoping more of the aristocracy would kick the bucket. They were obnoxious. Either way, the music is beautiful, the acting is fantastic, and the scenery is wonderful. It's worth seeing just for that part and a view of the old English class system.

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