Sunday, January 08, 2006


I've been going to my parents' church, the church I grew up in, this month since I am home. It is a Methodist church. At heart, I really am a Methodist. I love the style of the service. There is just enough liturgy but not so much that a newcomer would be confused by it. I love the pastor who is currently there, and I love the emphasis on preaching. I will not rejoin the Methodist church, though, at least not at this time.

I refuse to go to a church that does not fully welcome gays. I will not be closeted in church. I'm not closeted to God, why should I be closeted to her/his followers? I was able to announce my engagement to my church (the United Church of Christ) last spring, and people were genuinely happy and rejoiced with us. That was very meaningful and important to me. A church family is a family of choice. I choose to be open and honest about who I am there.

There is a Methodist organization called Affirmation that works on the inclusion of gays in the church. I hope they can help the denomination get some sense. I hope that someday it is not an issue whether someone is gay or straight in a church.

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