Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Surveys are Fun :)

Several questions omitted for being weird.

1. What's your name: VioletEmily
2. What do you wish your name was, instead: I like my name..
4. Would you ever eat sushi? Yes, and I have.
5. Would you ever eat sushi off a naked body? Sure. Could be fun.
6. Have you considered homosexuality? Is that the kind of thing you really consider? You either are or you're not. And yes, I'm gay.
7. What's your sexual preference? I like girls a lot.
8. What were you in a past life? a pirate
11. What's your favorite coffee? from my favorite coffee shop with lots of milk
12. What's your political perspective? very liberal Democrat, at least that's how I vote. I'm really green.
13. Are you my Angel? Didn't Ginsberg ask that?
14. Do you consider yourself a poet? yes
15. What do you wanna be when you grow up? Happy.
22. What's your favorite fruit? kiwi
26. What do you think about contemporary art? Love it. Don't always understand it, but love it anyway.
27. Do you like being naked? In the right circumstances
28. If we had proof God didn't exist, what would happen?: Would anything change?
29. Do you enjoy cheeze whiz? No
30. What's your position on virginity? It works for a while.
31. On civil unions: Marriage is good. Let's all have marriage.
36. Are you left handed or right handed? Right.
37. Are you smart? I think so.
40. How many piercings do you have? Just my ears.
41. What was your first word? Daddy and then kitty
42. Are you superstitious? no. I own a black cat who is currently snuggled up on my lap. Not superstitious at all.
43. Do you read your horoscope? Sometimes.
44. Do you believe in that stuff? No
45. Can you do a cartwheel? No
46. Do you have contact lenses? No
47. Do you have a retainer or braces? not anymore
48. Can you drive? Yes
49. Do you snore? sometimes
50. Do you drool in your sleep? sometimes
51. Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? lick them
52. Do you keep a journal? yes, both online and in handwriting
53. Do you like onions? yes, but not as much as I used to. This is a good thing.
54. Do you like cotton candy? yes
55. What instruments can you play? French horn and a little piano.
56. Do you like to dance? yes, but I'm terrible, but it's fun.
57. Do you like to sing? yes
58. Are you any good at it? you'll have to ask the people sitting next to me in choir. I certainly wouldn't give me a solo or anything...
59. Do you like to talk on the phone? no. I hate it, actually.
60. Do you like where you live? eh, it's okay
61. Are you organized? not usually
62. Do you sleep with socks on? sometimes
63. Are you shy? yes
64. Do you talk to yourself? probably too much
65. Are you a morning person? no
66. Are you a virgin? No.
67. Are you proud of that? Proud? I don't really think it's a thing that invites pride or shame. It's just a fact.
68. Do you believe in reincarnation? Good question. I'll have to get back to you on that one. Right now at this moment, sort of.
69. Do you believe in God? yes
72. How old do you wish you were? 26 is fine. I don't think I've ever wished I was a different age.
73. What will you name your daughter? Laurelyn Erin or Gloria Lorraine
74. Son? Daniel or Joshua or maybe Daniel Joshua or Joshua Daniel
75. Have you ever thought you were gonna die? yes
76. Where do you want to go? Everywhere.

1. Been kissed? Yes.
2: Done drugs? No
3: Eaten an entire box of Oreos? No
4: Been on stage? yes, in a missionary costume
5: Dumped someone else? yes
6: Gotten in a car accident? yes
7: Watched "Punky Brewster"? yes
8: Been in love? Yes.

9: Shampoo: currently coconut Suave
10: Toothpaste: ultrabrite
11: Soap: anything antibacterial
12: Type of soup: Broccoli Cheese.
13: Room in your house: living room
14: Instrument: oboe and baritone
15: Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee
16: Big or little? whatever
17: Lace or satin? lace
18: New or old? depends
22: Jeans or cords? both
23: Sweater or sweatshirt? currently my favorite shirt is a sweater
24: T-shirt or tank top? t-shirt
25: Skirt or dress? neither. ever.
26: Wool or cotton? Cotton
27: Rose or Lily? sunflowers
28: The way it is or the way it was? The way it could be.
29: Oldies or pop? whatever
30: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No.
31: Do you have a best friend? yes, several
In the last 24 hours, have you...
32: Cried? no
33: Helped someone? yes
34: Bought something? lunch
35: Gotten sick? No.
36: Gone to the movies? No.
37: Gone out for dinner? lunch
38: Said "I love you"?: Yes.
39: Written a real letter? no
40: Moved on? yes
41: Talked to an ex? no
42: Missed an ex? I do sometimes. Mostly I wonder how she is doing, and I pray for her.
43: Written in a journal? Yes.
44: Talked to someone you have a crush on? yes
45: Had a serious talk? Yes.
46: Missed someone? Yes, my sister
47: Hugged someone? yes
48: Fought with your parents? no
49: Fought with a friend? No.

Do you.....
50: Wear eye shadow? rarely
52: Kiss on the first date? Sometimes
53: Have a crush on someone? yes
54: Eat with your mouth open? No
55: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would it be? an arm band with sunflowers or a lower back tattoo of a black cat
56: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? tan
57: What was the last CD you bought? Indigo Girls Rarities
58: How did you spend last summer? with my ex who was my fiance then
59: When's the last time you showered? last night
60: Are you tired? yes
61: Are you lonely? sometimes
62: Are you happy? yes
63: Are you wearing pajamas? not yet
64: Are you talking to someone online? not at the moment
65: What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse? JM
66: What is your astrological sign? Pisces

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