Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This evening, my friend Naomi's mother, Angelia, died. She had been sick for quite a while with both lupus and lung cancer. Angelia was a special person. She used to come and stay with Naomi on campus about once a semester. Not many mothers at my school did this, but Angelia was cool and we liked having her around. She was young at heart in a good way. She always asked each of us all about our lives and always remembered small details in a way that made us all feel special. I strive to be like that, too. She was a good model of what a mother should be and what a Christian should look like. I know Naomi and Cory and Robert will miss her a lot. I hope they know how much their mother loved them and how much they are loved during this time of grief. Also, if you have any prayers to spare, I know they would appreciate it.

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