Friday, March 03, 2006


Ex-Gay Groups Target Teens and Children

These people are nuts. They're right, though. Homosexuality shows up early on in kids. Why? Because it's genetic, morons! And it's not something that can be changed with "conversion therapy." The only thing that really does is cause deep guilt and self-loathing in the child or teen.

A couple years ago, I had a friend commit suicide because he was gay. His family did not approve of his homosexuality on a religious basis. They made his life really hard. He had such a deep self-loathing because of his homosexuality. He could not change. Nor should he have even tried. When he found out he could not change, he sank into a deep depression and eventually killed himself. It was an unnecessary death. He was a beautiful person who should have had the freedom to be himself.

The suicide rate among gay teens is astronomical. Why? Because these programs do harm. People need to let their children be who they are.

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