Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Renee has been really busy entertaining people from out of town the last couple of days, so I haven't talked to her much. I've missed her! I didn't realize quite how much of the day we spent chatting until she was away. They're leaving early in the morning, and I will be so glad to be able to spend time with her again. It's been weird and lonely without her. I've spent a lot of time reading her stories since she's been busy. She's a fantastic writer. It's interesting, my ex was a very good writer, too. I must be attracted to writers or something. I do like people who have an appreciation for language. I spend so much time immersed in it that it's great to have someone who understands and appreciates it, as well.

I'm teaching this awesome book to my students right now called Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling by Kathleen Fraser. It's an awesome book. I was really worried about how it would go over in class, though. It's sort of wacky for an intro to poetry writing class. They were totally ready for it, though. I'll have to remember to teach books that require a little more open-mindedness like that at the end of the semester from now on. I'm currenly picking books for my intermediate poetry writing class, which is terribly exciting. I change my mind every other day. As the book order is now a month late, I had better make up my mind soon.

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