Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday

Today was a really angsty kind of day. It started out at church. We had a whole bunch of extra people in choir, and it was crowded on our pew, and I could feel myself start to twitch. I don't do well in crowds. I think this is why I don't like to go clubbing very often. About the only time I can stand a crowd is the day after Thanksgiving, when I spent the entire day shopping with my aunts and sister. I love that day. It's fabulous. But anyway, I digress.

The rest of the day, I have been unable to sit still for more than five minutes at a time. I did manage to get some brownies baked. (I wanted to send some to this wonderful person I've been talking to lately). But other than that, I have been largely unproductive and antsy. I have this story due on Wednesday for my fiction class, and I'm really freaked out about it, to the point where I don't even want to look at it at all.

I have been closely studying the craft of Delmira Agustini this evening. She's really quite amazing. All of her poems are so carefully metered and rhymed. It's fabulous. It's going to be damn hard to translate that and make it anything comparable to what she is doing. I sure want to try, though :)

I love the music for Palm Sunday. I always have. It's such a joyful day in so many ways. In some ways, though, I've always wondered why we focus on this particular day in the church. It was a very angst-filled day, I imagine.

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