Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Depression Sucks

It's been about a week and a half since I've really been having problems again. I ran out of my medication at the beginning of last week and couldn't get an appointment at the campus health center for a refill until Monday of this week. Not a good thing, let me just tell you. So I'm back trying to get regulated again after a week of feeling absolutely and totally batshit crazy. I have been hardly able to stand myself. I cry at the least little thing and get really hurt over things that I shouldn't be hurt by and bascially get really critical of myself. My therapist pointed out the critical part yesterday, and it explained a lot. I have to keep pointing it out to myself whenever I start to think that I'm going to hell because my dishes aren't washed or some crazy bullshit like that. I have a story being workshopped tonight in my fiction class, which is not good in my present mindset.

Some good things that happened this week:
--I have four students who like my class so much that they are now forming their own little poetry group to keep critiquing each others' work.
--I get to teach an upper level poetry class in the fall.
--Renee likes me, too (grin).
--I'm currently judging an undergraduate poetry contest and having a marvelous time doing it. I love to see just how wonderfully students can write. This is part of why I love teaching so much.
--I hit a really good sale on toilet paper and shouldn't have to buy it again until August.
--I went to a marvelous post-half marathon party on Saturday with some friends who participated in the race. It was great fun. I am proud of them for completing the race.
--We sang the Hallalujah Chorus with the entire congregation in the front of the church (where the altar would be if we had one) at the end of both church services on Easter. It was fabulous.

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frog said...

That's our traditional Easter postlude, too, and in just that way.

I love it. :)