Monday, January 29, 2007


1. Name one person who made you smile today?

2. What were you doing at 8 this morning?
driving around looking for someplace

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
watching Fullmetal Alchemist. It's a good show. I recommend it.

4. What is something that happened in 1994?
I sprayed my hair red, white, and blue for the state cross country meet.

5. What is the last thing you said aloud?
Hold you shorts on, fuzzy girl.

6. How many different things did you drink today?
hot tea, iced tea, coffee, water

7. What color is your hairbrush?

8. What was the last thing you bought?
chicken nuggets

9. What was the last gift you received?
iced tea

10. What color is your front door?
red on one side, white on the other

11. Where do you keep your change?
in my wallet

12. What was the weather like today?

13. What is the best ice-cream flavor?
chocolate peanutbutter or coconut

14. What is something you are excited about for tomorrow?
going to the library to check out a couple more of my holds?

15. When was the last rainbow you saw?
I saw so many last summer that I don't know when the last one was.

16. What's your favorite gardening tool?
I don't own any. I just do the indoor gardening thing.

17. Do you have a sister?

18. Are you very random?
sometimes yes

19. Do you want to cut your hair?
I'll probably be due for a cut in a month or so.

20. Are you over the age of 25?

21. Do you talk a lot?

22. Do you watch The OC?

23. Does your screen name have an 'x' in it?

24. Do you know anyone called Steve?
yes, several Steves

25. Do you make up your own words?

26. Are you ticklish?

27. Are you typically a jealous person?
I never thought so until recently. So I guess the answer would be an unhappy yes.

28. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'M'

29. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter A'?
Andie and Anndi and Allison

30. Who's the 1st person on your dialed calls list?
I don't know. No cell anymore, so I don't keep track of it.

31.What did your last text message you received say?
I don't text.

32. Do you chew on your straws?

33. Do you have curly frizzy hair?
in the morning and when I'm caught in the rain.

34. Whats the next concert you're going to?
I don't know.

35. Who is the shittiest person in your life?
I don't surround myself with shitty people.

35. Who is the coolest person in your life?
my sister

36. What is something you say a lot?
eh whatever

37. What is the last thing you ate?
chicken nuggets

38. Have you seen the movie 'Donnie Darko'?

39. Do you have work tomorrow?
sort of, in the sense that I have some things to grade.

40. Is marriage in your future?
if it's ever legalized maybe

41. When was the last time you said 'I love you' to someone?
a couple hours ago to my sister

42. What should you be doing right now?
sleeping, probably

43. Do you have a nickname?
yes, several silly ones

45. Are you a heavy sleeper?

46. Have you been out of state in the last week?

47. What is the best movie you've seen in the past two weeks?

48. Is there anyone you like right now?
I like a lot of people.

49. When was the last time you did the dishes?

50. Are you currently depressed?


1. Is your second toe longer than your first?

2. Do you have a favorite type of pen?
yes, but I'm not going to go look and see what it's called. There are boxes of them in the supply cabinet at school.

3. Look at your calendar for March 14, what are you doing?

4. What color are your toenails usually?
toenail color

5. What was the last thing you highlighted?
I don't know. I don't highlight often.

6. What color are your bedroom curtains?
don't have any

7. What color are the seats in your car?

8. Have you ever had a black and white cat?
yes, two

9. What is the last thing you put a stamp on?
a bill

10. Do you know anyone who lives in Wyoming?

11. Why did you withdraw cash from the ATM the last time?
probably to loan to someone

12. Who is the last baby that you held?
my cousin's child. she's a cutie.

13. Do you know of any twins with rhyming names?
several sets, actually

14. Do you like Cinnamon toothpaste?

15. What kind of car were you driving 2 years ago?
same one I'm driving now

16. Pick one: Miami Hurricanes or Florida Gators?
I don't care.

17. Last time you went to Six Flags?

18. Do you have any wallpaper in your house?

19. Closest thing to you that is yellow?
piece of paper

20. Last person to give you a business card?
my counselor

21. Who is the last person you wrote a check to?
my counselor

22. Closest framed picture to you?
my family

23. Last time you had someone cook for you?
I don't know.

24. Have you ever applied for welfare?
yes, well for food stamps anyway

25. How many emails do you have?
I haven't checked.

26. Last time you received flowers?
over Christmas

27. Do you think marriage is meant for only a man & woman?
absolutely not

29. Do you play air guitar?

30. Do you take anything in your coffee?
lots of cream

31. Do you have any Willow Tree figurines?

32. What is your high school's rival mascot?

34. Last time you used hand sanitizer?
all the time, I don't know

35. Would you like to learn to play the drums?

36. What color are the blinds in your living room?

37. What is in your inbox at work?
miscellaneous emails from the department and two requests to join my class late, both of which were approved by me

38. Last thing you read in the newspaper?
about the art show at school. some girl I met over the weekend has a picture or two in it.

39. What was the last pageant you attended?

40. What is the last place you bought pizza from?
probably my favorite Italian place, although I really don't know

41. Have you ever worn a crown?
only a Burger King one. Oh, and I once played Zeus in a play at school. I was nine. It was a fearsome performance.

42. What is the last thing you stapled?
stuff yesterday

43. Did you ever drink Clear Pepsi?
I'm not a pop drinker.

44. Are you ticklish?

45. Last time you saw fireworks?
I don't know.

46. Last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut?
I don't know. Been a long time.

47. Who is the last person that left you a message & you actually answered it?
I have no idea.

48. Last time you parked under a carport?
I have no idea.

49. Do you have a black dog?

50. Do you have any pickles in your fridge?

51. Are you an aunt or uncle?

52. Who has the prettiest eyes that you know of?
my grandmother

53. Last time you saw a semi truck?
I don't know.

54. Do you remember Ugly Kid Joe?

55. Do you have a little black dress?
no. I did once, but it's been years since I have worn a dress. It's just not my style.

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