Thursday, January 04, 2007

Emily Is Violet

101. My middle initial is:

100. I was born on:

99. I am really:
feeling sick

98. My cell phone provider is:
Verizon. This is soon to change because my plan and Bella's both suck. We're going to go look at Singulair when I get back next week. Stay tuned in real life friends because I'll soon have a new phone number.

97. My eye color is:

96. My ring size is:
6 last time I checked

95. My height is:

94. I am allergic to:
variations of pennicyllin

93. I was born in:
small town, midwest

92. I live in:

91. Last book you read:
Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: The Dream Hunters. It's beautiful.

90. My bed is:
small and not real comfortable

89. One thing you hate about yourself?
my stuffy nose

88. One of your favorite holidays:

87. The perfect kiss is:
one from someone who I love and who loves me

86. The last three cd's I bought are:
I'm not sure I can answer this. Let me think... Guns n' Roses Greatest Hits, Indigo Girls Swamp Ophelia, and another greatest hits CD. I'm trying to remember the group. It's the one that sang "It's Been a Long December."

85. Do you like being single/taken?:
I'm waiting for someone, and while it isn't easy, she is most definitely worth it, and yes, I absolutely love being around her. So yes.

84. What did you do in school today?
I'm not in school.

:::I Do (YES)/Do Not (NO) Believe In:::

83. Love at first sight?

82. Luck?

81. Fate?

80. Yourself?
most of the time

79. Aliens?

78. Heaven?

77. Hell?

76. Soulmates?

:::Which is Better?:::

75. Hugs or Kisses?

74. Drunk or High:
neither. I don't like being out of control of myself.

73. Phone or Online:

72. Red heads or black haired:

71. Blondes or Brunettes:

70. Hot or cold:

69. Summer or winter:

68. Chocolate or vanilla:

67. Night or day?

66. Oranges or apples?
whatever. not a big fan of either, to be honest.

65. Curly or straight hair:

:::Here's What I Think About:::

64. Abortion:
absolutely should be legal in any circumstance

63. Backstabbers:
not appreciated

62. Parents:
I love mine. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but I love them.

:::Last time I:::

61. Hugged someone?
my cat early this morning as she frisked around my pillow

60. Had food:
breakfast this morning--grapefruit and blueberry muffins

59. Seen someone I haven't seen in a while:
I always see people I haven't seen in a while when I'm at my parents' house.

58. Cried in front of someone:
my family on Christmas Eve.

57. Grew:
when I was 21 or 22


56. Who is the ditziest person you know:
I have no idea.

54. The last movie I saw?
Pride and Prejudice

53. The last movie you saw in theatres?
We Are Marshall. It was actually quite good.

52. The last restaurant you ate at?

51. What I don't understand is:
what the point of a cold is

50. The most unsatisfactory answer I've ever received is:
I have no idea.

49. Something I really miss when I leave home is:
my sister when I leave my parents' home, my cat when I leave my apartment

48. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most:
seeing Bella in nine days

47. The thing that I'm not looking forward to is:
having a reduced income this semester.

46. Tomorrow:
hopefully my glasses frame fill come in so that they can finally be fixed. crooked glasses are nauseating, and I have been nauseated since Dec. 26. not that I'm counting or anything.

44. Next Summer:
I teach summer school. Yay :)

43. Next Week:
I have absolutely no plans.

42. People call me:

41. The person who knows the most about me is.
my sister, Josh, Judith, Bella

40. The most difficult thing to do is:
have family members seriously ill

39. I have gotten a speeding ticket:

38. The first person I talked to today was:
my cat

37. First time you had a crush:
as long as I can remember

36. The one person who I can't hide things from:
Bella. She sees it if I am hiding anything, so I don't even try anymore.

35. Last time someone said something you were thinking?
Bella this morning.

34. Right now I am talking to:
no one

33. Dream job?
college poetry professor with a publishing company or a journal as part of the job

32. First job?:
real job, JCPenney. for the record, they pay worse than any other department store chain.

31. I have a job at:
a college

30. I have these pets:
one fuzzy girl

29. I hope:
I get rid of this cold soon.

28. The worst sound in the world:
bad news

27. the person that makes you cry the most is...
I'm not sure. I try to avoid these people.

26. My boyfriend/girlfriend:
waiting for someone

25. Florida or Hawaii:
Hawaii, unless we're going to Disney World

24. My favorite piece of clothing:
my Columbia sandles

23. My favorite sport is;
not a sports fan really

22. my friends are:
good people

21. My computer is:

20. The school I go to is:
I don't

19. the last person i got mad at is;
I don't know.

18. The all-time best movie is:
I have a lot of favorites. Right now, I really want to see Lady in the Water and Little Miss Sunshine again.

17. The all-time best feeling in the world is:
being surrounded by people who love me

16. The most annoying person you know is:
I don't know.

14. The movies I have cried at are:
Lady in th Water. There are others, but I am too tired to think.

13. The one TV show you can't stand:
any of the reality ones. Lost. stupid humor that relies on stereotypes

12. TV channels you watch:
USA, Lifetime, Sci-Fi, Nick at Nite when Designing Women is on, PBS

11. Favorite web site:

10. I want to be:

9. The worst pain I was ever in was:
when all my family was sick a couple years ago

8. My favorite phrase is:
Holy Non Sequitor, Batman! My sister has been saying that, and it cracks me up.

6. My favorite celebrity is:
don't have one

5. my weakness is:
iced tea

4. What I like about the opposite sex is?
I don't.

3. Who broke your heart:
last? probably my ex.

2. One thing that makes you feel great is:
working out, going on a bike ride, getting all of my work done, getting enough sleep, and spending time with Bella of course

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