Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ten Things You Can Do for Peace

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1. Call or write to your congressional representative.

2. Write letters to the editor and send them to your local paper. Call radio talk shows and attend public forums and tell others what you think.

3. Encourage young people and children to express their opinions and feelings about a better world, especially through art.

4. Support public witness. Organize a vigil for peace with faith-based or other groups in your community.

5. Learn all you can about the Islamic faith, particularly the dimension of Islam supporting peace and nonviolence.

6. Commit to work against violence aimed at others because of race, creed, color, gender, religion, or nation of origin.

7. Learn about those countries which Western governments hold accountable for terrorist acts. Knowing the history, geography, accomplishments, and problems facing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq will help us hold up the peaceful majorities that live in these countries.

8. Hold the media accountable for biased reporting by calling a local media outlet if you see evidence of unfair or slanted reporting.

9. Insist on maintaining and defending civil liberties. Working in your communities to use and protect these rights will guarantee that terrorism has not destroyed the fabric of liberty.

10. Educate yourself on alternatives to war.

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