Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another Effort to Make a Decision

What I Want in a Partner

1. kind
2. loves my family
3. loves her family
4. laid back
5. positive
6. low maintenance
7. sense of humor
8. thoughtful
9. reads
10. likes to travel
11. smart
12. educated
13. likes the holidays as much as I do
14. works hard but is not a workaholic
15. likes to watch movies
16. wants kids
17. happy with simple things and with life in general
18. likes to eat out
19. doesn't get angry easily
20. religious (preferably Christian but not so stiff that she's not willing to look into different churches and traditions)
21. loves cats
22. likes to play games (as in board games and cards)
23. likes to learn new things
24. not classist, racist, sexist, or conservative
25. cares about social justice issues
26. nice to people who work in public places (like wait staff, receptionists, sales people, etc)

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