Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Wishes

via the frogblog

1. the Democrats to take control of both houses
2. Bush to be impeached
3. gay marriage to be legalized nationwide
4. pro-choice Supreme Court nominees
5. legislators who worry about poverty and hunger and peace more than "morality"
6. someone to clean my house once a week
7. a biggie iced tea from Wendy's every day of the week
8. a good creative writing teaching job with benefits closer to my family
9. new and interesting recipes (for any kind of food in general and specifically a good recipe for cheese enchiladas)
10. an end to the war in Iraq
11. to be able to come out to my relatives and have them say, "Yeah, I knew that, and I love you anyway" without anyone needing any time at all to adjust
12. good poetry books

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