Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tishie's Halloween Extravaganza

This year for Halloween, I am dressing as my cat, who is solid black. It so happens that several weeks ago when I was in desperate need of longjohns (you need longjohns when you camp with WW because she insists on camping when it is damn cold) and so I bought solid black ones, not even thinking of anything but warmth. Today, I went to the costume shop in search of a magic wand and a cloak in order to go as Harry Potter, and I came across this fabulous black cat mask and a tail. I was destined to be a black cat. So I am sitting here in my cat costume, waiting for Rennick to arrive so that we can go to Tishie's Halloween party. I'm way too excited.

I'm also excited because Bella will be home tomorrow :)

***Edited to add that this was posted after the party because I couldn't get to my blog before it.

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