Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I used to celebrate this day by coming out to someone I wasn't out to. Today, I can't think of anyone new. In the past nine or ten months, thanks to myspace, I have come out to just about my entire hometown and to nearly everyone I went to college with who I don't really keep in touch with with any regularity. The reactions mostly were "It's about time" and "Hey, me too." It's been fun to get back in touch with people, more than anything. Also, I have found that being gay is something I think less about than I did when I was first coming out. I usually work it into the conversation within the first five minutes of meeting someone new, just out of habit more than anything else. It's not even conscious most of the time. Does this mean the babydyke phase is now behind me? Today, I spent the day telling students who are coming out "Happy Coming Out Day" (I still and hopefully will always have students come out to me all the time). It seemed the appropriate way to celebrate.

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