Monday, October 16, 2006


I have always wanted to have kids, but I have never really considered dating anyone who already had them (not out of any bias or anything, I just never met anyone with kids who I was interested in dating). I have been spending more time with Bella and getting to know her son more, and he is the greatest kid. He is so kind and considerate and funny. I wear a pink button on my purse that says "Second Class Citizen" because the marriage amendment has become a hot topic in my state. I wear it because I really want people to recognize that gays aren't a faceless threat but actual people with real lives. Bella's kid saw it last night and commented on it. I told him what it meant, and he told me later after Bella left the room that I shouldn't have to wear it because gays aren't any different than anyone else. We just love different people. "What's the big deal?" he asked. What's the big deal, indeed.

Bella has not been in a relationship with a woman in several years, not in her son's memory in fact, and they have been discussing that she is bisexual. He is very concerned, not about her dating women, but about people being mean to her because of it. He told me in not so many words that people shouldn't judge someone based on who they love and that his mother is very special and shouldn't have people be mean to her without knowing her. He's absolutely right, of course.

I have a feeling the conversations will continue for the next few weeks and perhaps longer, and I think it's very cool that she is willing to talk with him so openly. I also think it's cool that she encourages him to ask questions of both of us, and I'm glad he feels comfortable doing so. He really is a good kid, and he has an amazing mother.

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