Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Happy Belated Valentine's Day, all :) I spent much of yesterday reading (fairly wretched) poetry manuscripts for a contest at a press where I'm currently on the editorial board. Rennick and I went and grabbed dinner at one of our favorite local joints, which was fun. We would have gone to see Psycho in honor of the day, but it started before we could get downtown.

Here are my Valentines for this year:
My wonderful sister, who I miss terribly. (Are you sure you can't come home this weekend?)

My cat, who is immensely cute and cuddly.

Rennick, who is a great buddy.

I have recently discovered this fantastic networking site and have been reconnecting with some people I went to high school and college with. It's pretty cool. I have also been pleasantly surprised about how many of us are queer. I have started a college queer list. A friend of mine already has a high school one, although I have a couple of names to add to it. The minute I came out to him, he forwarded me the list. It's pretty cool :) All I can say is, yes, of course there are queer people in small Christian farming communities, too.


LadyKate said...

Hi Emily!

I stumbled on your blog while doing a Technorati search under "Xena." :) You sound like a really smart and interesting person and I wanted to invite you to a Xena discussion board I co-moderate:

Xena Online Community

We're a very friendly and intelligent bunch, and we talk not only about Xena but also about books, philosophy, movies, you name it. You don't need membership to read the board but if you want to post you need to sign up (it's free and quite easy).

Hope to see you there!

VioletEmily said...

Oh, Xena :) Such fun :) I'll certainly check it out :)

LadyKate said...

Cool! :D Saw your handle on the board today. If you want to join as a member with posting ability, just try to make a post and it'll take you to the membership application page from which I or my co-admin will approve your membership.

Like what you see, so far? :)

VioletEmily said...

I do :) It looks like great fun :)

LadyKate said...

Cool. Can't wait for you to jump in!