Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1) What stickers do you have on your car?: my school sticker and Kerry-Edwards

2) What posters do you have in your room?: Harry Potter and some postcards of Glacier National Park

3) What do you hear right now?: the hum of my computer

4) If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be?: Iced tea

5) Does anything hurt on your body right now?: No

6) Ever take candy from someone?: No

7) Whats your job position called?: Teaching Assistant

8) What size ring do you wear?: 6

9) Do you own a camera phone?: No

10) When's your birthday?: Yesterday :)

11) What was your elementary schools mascot?: Don't know if I had one

12) Whats your favorite bottled water?: I prefer tap water. It's cheaper

13) What's the next concert/show you're going to and when?: Don't know

14) What were you doing at 9 pm last night?: waiting for my ride at the airport

15) Whats your favorite Starbucks drink?: tall Awake tea

16) Do you exercise as much as you should?: Nope, but I'm working on it

17) Did you attend your High School prom?: Yes

18) Did you go to someone elses prom?: No

19) Would you give your bf/gf a second chance if they cheated?: No

20) Something red within 5 feet of you?: a notebook

21) Your last bag of chips?: salt and vinegar pringles, I imagine, but I don't really remember

22) The weirdest thing you've seen this week?: No idea

23) Ever done the Electric Slide?: Yes

24) How much French do you know?: Ou et le toilette? Ou et le metro? Ou et le fromage?

25) Sparkly things?: No

26) Ever crash a car, been in accidents?: A fender bender here and there

27) Do you look good in yellow?: I think so

28) Do you sing?: Not well

29) Ever sang in front of a crowd?: Yes

30) Do you dance?: I try

32) Least favorite color?: Pink

33) Favorite kind of pizza?: Veggie

34) Ever had Dippin Dots?: No

35) Ever make fun of a homeless person?: No

36) How old were you when you got a cell phone?: 21

37) How old were you when you got your first car?: 21

38) How many driving tickets have you had?: none

40) How many parking tickets?: No idea, too many

41) Do you own your own car?: Yes

42) Do you want to get married?: Yes

43) At what age do you want to get married?: whenever

44) Have you ever been married?: No

45) Have you ever received a restraining order?: No

46) At what age do you want to have kids?: 30-ish

47) How many kids?: 3-4

48) Ketchup or Mustard?: Mustard

49) When is the last time someone deleted you from their space?: Never, I haven't been on long

50) How many times a week are you on Myspace?: Everyday

51) Ever been kicked out of your home?: No

52) Favorite character on Friends?: Phoebe

53) Ever eat Spam?: No

54) Have a crush on a teacher?: Yes

55) Favorite store?: World Market

56) Have a best friend?: Yes

57) Have a boyfriend?: No

58) Have a girlfriend?: No, but I'm looking

59) One place you want to travel to: Pompeii

60) If you could have anything right now what would it be?: I don't know, which must mean I'm pretty content. Although if pushed to answer, I'd probably say a nice girlfriend. Or perhaps a better paying job. Or a better president.

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