Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mountain Biking

It was quite difficult, actually. I'd never been. I'm really skinned up from falling off my bike, but I have to admit that this did not happen while mountain biking. I fell off my bike because I got too close to the curb while riding over to meet WW for our bike ride. Whoops. We're going to try it again sometime, though. We both ended up crashed in a coffee shop after about an hour. It was exhausting. At any rate, we both have really busy weeks, so we won't see each other again until Saturday. That's kind of sad, actually. We've been spending so much time together that it will be kind of weird. At any rate, I'll have time to heal and get rested up before our next big adventure :)


LadyKate said...

Howdy Emily! Remember I posted on your blog once or twice before? I'm the Xena fan with the message board. :) Are you still a Xena fan?

(Oh and btw, very very sorry about your friend's loss. :( )

VioletEmily said...

Hey LadyKate :) Oh yes, I am most definitely still a Xena fan :) I have to admit, I haven't watched much this summer, though. I've been spending most of my free time outside, which has been quite wonderful :) I am pleased to note, though, that the public library in town has all of the Xena seasons on DVD, though :) I was very impressed by that.