Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's been a weekend that was all over the place emotionally. Two women I have learned a lot from have started down new roads, my pastor who had her last Sunday in my church today and my favorite graduate school professor who has taken a job in my home state. I will write more about these two women in the coming days.

My dear friend, Lori, lost her father to pancreatic cancer at the end of last week, and the memorial service is tomorrow. Please keep her and her mother in your prayers.

I have spent all weekend with the wild woman from the previous post and a couple of friends. WW and I went on a beautiful hike in the mountains on Thursday. We both ended up flinging ourselves in the river and swimming, mid-hike. My cross country coach would have been proud. We always did stuff like that when I ran with him.

On Friday, Michelle Malone performed in town. If you don't know her music, check it out. Her new album is coming out in October (I think), and it is going to have a lot of awesome bluesy songs on it. Oh, and I caught her guitar pick when she launched it into the audience. I was very pleased with myself. That's probably the only thing I've ever caught in my life, besides the flu.

Then I went camping after work yesterday with WW and two other friends. It was pretty awesome. We went out to the sand dunes and camped last night and then hiked the dunes this morning. It's amazing how many animal tracks cover those dunes. It was amazing.

Then I called in sick to work today and spent the day with the same group of women, tubing the river and then going to see Superman Returns, which I enjoyed. I'd never seen any of the Superman movies, so it was a new experience.

I'm going mountain biking on Tuesday with WW. Pray that I don't die. It's been a while...

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