Friday, September 29, 2006

My friends rock

So I have been in the process of building a Village (frog's term) of sorts here. Let me tell you, they are really great. I have been sick as a dog this week, and I have felt very loved. I've had three friends offer soup (and they don't even read here, so it wasn't even in response to my whiney blog from the other day). WW actually brought soup tonight, two kinds actually, as well as grilled cheese and some really powerful prescription cold medicine. I don't have health insurance right now, so this was much appreciated. Rennick had dinner with me last night, and I whined about not feeling well and she was very sympathetic. Liz has checked on me a couple of times and has loaned me a whole stack of Xena tapes, which I have quite enjoyed. It has been quite wonderful the last week or so, despite the sick as a dog part. I'm really blessed to have such good friends.

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LadyKate said...

Hi Emily! :) Sorry to hear about your health problems. I'm glad you're catching up on your Xena tapes though, and it's good to hear that your friends are being supportive.

Since you've been on a bit of a Xena kick, may I renew my invitation to join our forum, Xena Online Community? It's a great place to find online friends.