Friday, May 19, 2006


My job is pretty good so far. I think it will be fine for the summer. I finished the training and got on the phone for the first time yesterday. I got mostly disconnected numbers, but I did get to talk to two people who wanted to take the survey. No one was especially nasty, which was good. Most just hung up on me if they weren't interested, also a good thing. I only got lectured once by a caller, who confused research calls with telemarketing calls and wanted me to be aware of the No Call list. I have a feeling this will happen a lot. But we're truly not selling anything. We're doing research for the national health agencies. Don't hang up on me! :)

I may or may not work today, depending on how quickly I get my thesis printed off and delivered to the graduate office. We pretty much set our own schedules as far as overtime goes, so I'll probably go in this afternoon if I get everything done. It's a pretty nice job that way. I've requested the weekend off for Pride, so hopefully that will go through. I'm really looking forward to Pride. I think it will be great fun. I didn't get to go last year, and I missed it. We're having a magazine editor speak this year, and it happens that I adore her magazine, so I'm quite excited about it.

At any rate, all is well :) I'm going to go do some press work this morning, as well. We might be publishing one of my favorite manuscripts from the last two years, which I'm really excited about. It will make an awesome book. It's quite funny.

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