Saturday, May 06, 2006

Achilles' Heel

It's been a difficult week for a lot of reasons. I was talking to my counselor about it on Thursday, and she said something that makes a lot of sense. She says that everyone has a weakness, one thing that if they let go of it, they just won't feel right. For some people, that's exercise or some other healthy habit. For me, it's socializing. I am a recluse by nature, and it isn't good for me. I get really depressed when I don't get out enough. She advised me to make a point to get out more.

I have taken her advice. I sent out a ton of emails after my appointment asking just about everyone around here if they want to hang out. I've enjoyed the response :) Today I went downtown to the craft and farmer's market with two friends that I haven't seen in a while. We had brunch and wandered for several hours. It was fantastic. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. Then I went to a movie with a very cool lady from church who I sit next to in choir. This evening, I may attend a shindig at someone's house with all of the other MFA-ers. Tomorrow, I have church and a church meeting, and then I may go rock climbing. Then there's another department shindig to honor the (moron) who is stepping down as head of the department. On Monday, I'm going to another shindig, and on Tuesday, yet another. On Wed., my family is arriving for my graduation, which is on Saturday.

At any rate, I think my counselor is right, and I'm glad she pointed this out to me. My whole outlook is different when I'm social. This is a good thing.

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