Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mountain Biking, Take Two

I did really well this time (this was last night, by the way). WW and I rode for about three hours. We wore her dog out completely, almost to the point where we had to carry her back to the car (two bikes and a big dog, hmmm). Her dog joins us on most of our outings. I love her dog, and I have to admit, I am not a dog person. I went running with her (WW) this evening. I hadn't been running in quite a while. I did okay, though, I must say. I may even join her again next week. We're going (we hope) star gazing tomorrow night at a big observatory not too far from here. We went just over a month ago and camped at this place (which was totally awesome), but it was too cloudy to see the stars. It looks right now like it should be clear tomorrow night. We hope so anyway. We're planning some big camping trips for this fall. I am so incredibly excited about them. I am trying to plan one as we speak.

School started this week, as well. I am absolutely exhausted, which may be evidenced by the lack of coherence of this post, I don't know. I have four classes and 89 students, which, let me tell you, is a lot of grading. It's going fine so far, though.

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