Friday, June 09, 2006

The Last Couple of Days in the Form of a List

* My campus glbt group won an award last night for a rally we put on a year ago because it brought together the glbt community, as well as many other diversity groups in the area, and promoted unity. This award is a big deal.

* I have put the wheels in motion for becoming the next editor of the state's glbt newspaper. I'm way excited about this.

* I have decided to join the glbt choir in town.

* I went to karaoke night at a gay club last night. I did not sing.

* I am now teaching 3 English 102 classes, as opposed to an English 102 class and two English 101 classes. I still have the poetry class, of course.

* I saw the new local drag king troupe perform twice yesterday. They rock.

* I have a date coming up. Actually, I have two coming up.

* I got my hair cut, and it sort of resembles Shane's again.

* My cat thinks it is both cute and funny to get me out of bed at unreasonable hours or the morning. She then spends the rest of the morning putting on the cute and showing me her belly.

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