Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some Recommendations

For the Bible Tells Me So

It's a documentary about being gay and Christian. Absolutely beautiful. I cried through most of it. It simply tells people's stories and the stories of their families. As someone who has sat through many church services where I was condemned as a human being simply because of who I love, it was touching to hear from those outside my own congregation who have struggled with their faith and sexuality and come to terms with both. It was also touching to hear that their families also came to terms with both (well, except for one family). I highly, highly recommend this documentary to anyone who has ever struggled or who has known anyone who has ever struggled with being both gay and Christian. I'm sending a copy to my family.

The God Box
by Alex Sanchez

I actually haven't finished this one yet, but it is a fictionalized account of a teenage boy coming to terms with being both gay and a strong Christian. It's lovely, and it's about time something like this was written.

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