Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Updates

Today is my birthday. I'm 28 :)

I have decided to adopt Mr. Cat, who is featured below. I'm trying to decide on a name and am grateful for any and all input. Some possible names: Willoughby, Sirius Black, Gatsby, Clyde, Kipling, and Mr. Darcy. I am praying that he and Ms. Emily get along well.

I have a REALLY BIG interview next week at the school I had a phone interview at a couple posts ago. This is a really good job, tenure-track and the whole nine yards. They're flying me in and putting me up because I'm a finalist. Woohoo to that. I'm hoping for the best and accepting all prayers and good wishes.

I bought a new computer. Mine was ten years old. I'm loving it and am currently sitting in a coffee shop with it. Way way way too exciting. I've never had a laptop.

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